Saphir Medaillie D'or Super Invulner
Saphir Medaillie D'or Super Invulner

Saphir Medaillie D'or Super Invulner

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Saphir Medaillie D'or Super Invulner is an impregnation spray perfect for any Cala Jade leather product, even the ones made from suede or nubuck. The spray protects the leather from rain, snow, against penetration of dirt, grease, and drink stains. 
We advise you to use protection spray regularly.

How to use:
Brush or clean the leather beforehand. Shake the bottle well and spray the leather at a 20 cm distance. Let it dry for 30 minutes and you are good to go!


- Appropriate for any leather: smooth, suede and nubuck - as well as fabric and tex materials
- No color
- Use regularly
- Made in France
- Does not contain silicone
- 300 ml
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