About the brand


Based in Oslo, Cala Jade is a brand devoted to the world of sophisticated, handcrafted leather bags and accessories. Like our customers, we are always looking for something special.

At the heart of our design philosophy is the contrast and intertwining between the feminine and refined Cala, and the androgynous and daring Jade. 

Putting our efforts in designing functional objects with an edgy, yet timeless aesthetic, we allow ourselves to immerse into fine quality leather and materials. We find inspiration in architecture, art, fashion, and people that makes us think or look twice.

Our designs are ultimately fulfilled through regular use and real life experience.



"We strive to make timeless pieces with attitude".


Passion for details and materials


At Cala Jade we share a deep passion for fine quality leather and materials. In our definition of quality we include the physical attributes of the material, as well as its origin and treatment. Standing the test of time and keeping our pigsty clean matters.

Behind every collection there is an immense process of identifying and selecting the different types of materials, in which we take great pleasure. Every detail, from the main materials to the most minuscule rivet, buckle or seam, are to transcend into a perfect entity.

Naturally we use Italian quality leather and Icelandic shearling to mention some. The collections mainly consist of tumbled lamb and cowhide leather. When we discover new intriguing materials, ideas start to take shape.

One of the reasons we enjoy quality leather so much, is the fact that it endures wear and tear in the most graceful way ­exposing its own distinguished character and beauty over time.



Thank you for choosing us from the crowd!



"Love and treat me good and I will last you years to come"